Our Ministries

Current Growth Opportunities:

  • Sunday Morning Adult Study, 10:30 a.m.

  • Tuesday Morning Women's Study, 9:00 a.m.

  • Thursday Morning Men's Study, 9:00 a.m.

These growth opportunities meet at Our Savior's Lutheran and in members' homes. For more information about locations, please contact the church office at 719-547-2300, or by e-mail at oslc275@gmail.com

LWML stands for Lutheran Women's Missionary League. This group of dedicated women serve the Lord, each other, those in the community and throughout the world. Some of the many blessings Our Savior's Lutheran LWML group contributes to include:

  • Mite Boxes (based on the account of the poor woman in Luke 21:1-4), in which money is collected to fund various LCMS District and National mission grants...

  • Monthly Luncheons and Meetings that include encouraging fellowship, food and fun, occassionally having a guest speaker...

To learn more about what the LWML at Our Savior's Lutheran does, call the church at 719-547-2300, or e-mail the church at oslc275@gmail.com 

To learn more about the LWML in general, you can visit their website at www.lwml.org.

For many people, when they hear the word study, they think of sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture about something that has nothing to do with their life. From this point of view, then, "Bible Study" is not for them. This could not be farther from the truth! People "study" the Bible not just for facts and figures, for intellectual stimulation. People study the Bible so that they "grow" in their faith in Jesus Christ. When people meditate on Holy Scripture, God speaks to them about His Son, Jesus, and their life in Him. People bring their life, good and bad, to God's Word, and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ for forgiveness, life and salavtion! Studying the Bible is the way God creates, and keeps His people in, the one, true faith in Jesus Christ.